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Driver 17.4.1 Bluescreens/crashes  [R9 280]

Question asked by root-access on Apr 7, 2017



The day the driver 17.4.1 was released I upgraded. I usually do, so I saw no problem with it. Only ever had to downgrade once or twice, but now I cannot even do that it seems.


This drive has caused me nothing but problems. As soon as I tried to install, it got halfway through the install process and gave me a bluescreen pointing to atikmdag.sys. I rebooted and got a screen covered in pixels. I forced reset, went into Safe Mode and uninstalled the driver. I thought maybe I screwed something up (though that seems unlikely given I used the Radeon software to upgrade). So once I completely uninstalled and cleared away anything AMD on my computer, I rebooted into normal mode and reinstalled 17.4.1. I got another bluescreen at the same part, however it booted into Windows without the pixelized screen. I checked my drivers to see what was going on and it claimed I was on 17.4.1.


I checked my games then, knowing something was up, and was getting all sorts of pop up errors ranging from "this video card does not support alpha blending for floating point renders" to just "there was a problem" and then crashing or even refusing to open. Games that did launch were experiencing horrible, unplayable performance with huge stuttering, flickering, screentearing and artifacting. I went back into Safe Mode and uninstalled using DDU and AMD's utility. Rebooted and installed 17.3.3, the driver I was on before. It installed "fine", however the performance was still shotty with the same problems and then a few minutes later, I got the same bluescreen about atikmdag.sys.


I have, since that driver was released (and I mean as soon as AMD's twitter announced it), trying to bring my PC back to any form of life but have failed miserably. I do not know what else to do except try using my PC without any drivers (uninstalling now) and reinstalling Windows 7 is not an option because Microsoft will not allow me to reuse my key again.


May I please get some assistance from the AMD community? I'm extremely frustrated and have no idea what to do.


Thank you,


*Nothing is overclocked. System temps are fine. No dust/blockage. System was absolutely fine before driver update attempt.