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Wattman underclocking my 370 can't overclock.

Question asked by industrystandard on Apr 7, 2017

Sapphire R7 370 2GB Dual X (Core:985mhzMem:1400mhz)

Athlon 860k 3.7ghz

Windows 10 64bit AMD ReLive 17.4.1

So, I wanted to post this on the AMD subreddit, but they made this dumb rule where everything is in a megathread that no one is currently helping with

Anyway my 370 won't overclock to 1050mhz like it was a couple months ago, in fact it's running at 925mhz for some reason despite the base clock being 985mhz. I'd use another program for overclocking, but they tend to suck and conflict and I never had problems before they overhauled Wattman. of my current settings and what I am seeing.


I also apparently can't overclock my GPU memory anymore? What is going on?