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    What the heck... Serious problems with proc+graphic card


      Hello all.

      Excuse me but I will get to the point.


      Im having headache trying to understand AMD and the problems between my RX 480 and my new FX-8350.

      Two days back I bought the FX 8350, my old proc is FX 6300.


      Normally, with the 6300 and the 480, Im playing for example, DOOM at 60-70 FPS with some drops to 45-50. So, now I installed the new proc very excited, but... It was not what I expected.

      The problem is, I gained 10 FPS, but... only 10 FPS with the same drops like the 6300... its like if was the same proc...


      Tried stock and OC, still same, gain a bit fps but still not getting a lot of FPS like all videos in youtube, For example: Doom Ultra 1080p FXAA | RX 480 - FX 8350 OC - YouTube

      This guy is playing start mision with 90-120 fps, me, with the same proc and card, only getting 80 with drop to 70... WTF (I tried 4.5 OC)


      My specs:


      RX 480

      FX 8350




      WINDOWS 7


      And the temps are:

      CPU: Never above 60 degrees

      GPU: 55-60



      So... what im doing wrong? bad luck or my pc its cursed?



      I will reinstall to W10 and hope this fix something or at least gain some fps





      Regards and sorry the language.




      UPDATE: Hell, Windows 10 is complete useless with new updates, 40 fps DOOM from 70 Windows 7... No sense.


      UPDATE 2: Since W10 is giving me extremely low fps, Im reinstalling to W7, at least is more stable and fast. Still looking fixes but nothing works.

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          Did you clear the CMOS on the motherboard when you installed the new processor?

          Is the windows power plan set to performance?

          Did you turn off all power savings features?

          Are you using the correct BIOS for the new processor?

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              Yes CMOS was cleared

              Powerplant is irrelevant, anyways is in balanced.

              All disabled in bios.

              No need udate bios.

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                  Take it off balanced and put it on full power.  You're experiencing core parking maybe? My pc's ALWAYS stay on full power.  I just turn the whole pc off when I'm not using it.

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                      Dude that doesnt mean nothing, balanced or performace its the same, so weird how people think that could fix something in 2017.


                      So. This is AMD oficial forum but there is no skilled people to fix or say something? Yeah im starting pissing off for all this crap hardware.

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                          This is an AMD users forum and is open to anyone at any skill level!

                          If you want an official response to your situation, I suggest you submit an official report to AMD.   AMD Issue Reporting Form   



                          This may or may not help you to understand how power plans work.


                          Power Plans in Windows 10/8/7

                          You can access the Power Plans by right clicking on the Power icon sitting in your Notification area of via the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options.

                          For most users, it is the Balanced Power plan which may be suitable and is thus the default. Depending on the workload requirements, this plan configures Windows 7 to dynamically scale the level of performance.


                          The High-Performance power plan disables dynamic scaling of performance to match the workload and instead delivers constant high-performance levels at the cost of increased power consumption. This power plan is useful in certain scenarios that are highly performance or latency sensitive or in scenarios in which power consumption is not an issue.

                          Advantages of High-performance power plan

                          • The display is brighter.
                          • The computer operates at a very high level of performance.

                          Disadvantages of High-performance power plan    

                          • There is the potential for more heat generation.
                          • Processor performance is not optimized during short idle periods.
                          • The CPU fan spins up more frequently.


                          The Power Saver power plan helps in maximizing energy savings. If you are using a Mobile PC or running on battery power, this plan helps in maximizing battery life.

                          Advantages of Power Saver power plan

                          • Battery life increases because of reduced power level.
                          • Screen brightness is reduced automatically.
                          • The CPU and hardware are set to aggressively take advantage of downtime.
                          • A mobile PC or a desktop computer consumes less power and generates less heat.

                          Disadvantages of Power Saver power plan

                          • Applications may run slower or start slower.
                          • The screen may not be bright enough for outside use.
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                              Yeah ofc I know what Power Plan is, but thats irrelevant in this thread if you read something, which I doubt.

                              The real problem is between the new proc and the graphic card, or maybe motherboard too, doesnt matter nothing Power Plan in this case.


                              And again, if you read something, you could see, im getting extremely low fps installing W10, from 70 to 40 FPS in every game, very poor performance.

                              Its like unpark cores, when FX had a lot of problems because there was not updates and drivers to fix the problem, someone created the unpark tool, but today THATS INNECESARY, even park or unpark, there is no diferrence.

                              Yes, I did that just to clarify its complete useless make that.


                              So, as consumer, I want to know why im getting ONLY problems with AMD. So, if you want to help, is not neccesary comments that doesnt contribute to help.



                              EDIT: I forgot to say what idiot is your commentary. Power Plans are thought for laptops, not for desktops, doesnt matter if your plan is balanced or performance, will not be a big diference, maybe 10 fps becase bring more power, just that, is not my case.

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                      Okay, Its just... okay. Dont worry about this thread, I see people have not much idea about hardware...


                      How cant you see or think, the 8350 will not work in a 970 with only 95 TDP...Its obvious will not work properly, every time will underclock when raise the voltage...

                      So... just that, monday will get a new mobo which can hold 220w.




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                          If all you are going to do is be argumentive to people when you don't get the answer you want,go away then.

                          otherwise,Try some of the suggestions and see where it takes you,At this point you have nothing to lose.


                          I currently Run an 8350 OC to 4.6 GHZ,Crossfire'd 7950 boosts, on an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX REV 3,rock solid and stable,Windows 7,And a Corsair HX850i Platinum PSU.I Will not install spyware 10

                          All cores unparked and power plan set to performance.Played BF 4 on ALL ultra 80-140 FPS .GTA V on Ultra just over 60 FPS and smooth.

                          Old Monitors were Samsung 24"1920X1200,new one is a 27" Benq XL2720Z 144Hz.the games I play run flawless and smooth.Personally I have never nor would use a 970 Chipset for an 8250 or higher.Hell,even my old Phenom II 1100T ran flawless on my old Sabertooth R1 board.



                          From MSI:

                          " Warning: This MB doesn't support 200W or above CPU "   So technically It should handle the 8*** series CPU  just fine.I would still try the ASUS 990FX Sabertooth if you are gonna try another MObo,It's the newest and supports M.2 SSD's,RGB lighting and Have been a rock solid board.                   

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                              xereticus is just upset because he thought that by buying a FX-8350 he would get a massive jump in frame rates so that his system would be like the one in the video he attached to his original post.  What he has not figured out yet is that the system in that video is running TWO RX480's IN CROSSFIRE.  And that his ONE RX480 will never get the same amount of frames rates.            

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