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Ryzen Master bad Danish translation

Question asked by tld|lars on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by jpax

Hi Forum


A have just downloaded Ryzen Master.

I was not asked about what language the program should install or be used in.

It seems that the AMD homepage detected me as living in Denmark and therefore translating the program to Danish in google translate quality.


I cant fint a place to change language to English.


Kerner aktiveret (maybe Core activated) but 0 kerner is highlighted, does that mean that no core are activated? all cores run full speed under load.


Hukommelsesur (We call a watch "Ur" but memory speed is Hukommelses hastighed)


No need to translate memory timing, RAS CAS Precharge and so on, they end up being very confusing.


Ryzen master seams to be using 100% of 1 out of the 16 threads on my 1700 CPU, is that normal?


Best regards Lars