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drivers 17.4 crashing on every game every benchmark

Question asked by shaneherald on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by shaneherald

i have installed this driver 4 times now ...i formated and installed this drive twice...and it keeps crashing any and every game i try to play as well as bench marks

i have a Ryzen 1800x on a Asus Crosshair VI Hero with 16 gigs of ram and two xfx R9 390's in crossfire....the 17.2 drivers which is on amds driver page crashes wildlands and glitches graphics...

17.3.3 or whatever that wuz,... wuz a great driver longer to be found anywhere!!!!! WHY????????.....this is getting tiresome and very old!!!!!!

i want to know why the hell you test and tighten the performance of your damn drivers on intel pc' cpu's....what gives

your amd ..should you not be testing and making sure the drivers you make for your AMD graphics cards also works on AMD PC'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

now im stuck playing no games and searching for a GOOD DRIVER that is no longer found anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this driver breaks crossfire and is the worst performing driver i have seen on one card.....