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    Black screen installing drivers


      5 days ago i was playing World of Warcraft and mi screen crashed. I had to rebot mi PC and screen turns black after Windows logo. Doing a clean install of amd drivers didnt work, when i am installing drivers my screen goes black.

      GPU: R9 270X

      MOBO: Biostar H61MGV3 ver 8.0

      PSU: EVGA 500 W

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          Sounds like Win10 is installing/changing drivers...but who knows what OS you have?

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              Windows 10, i tried with a new hard disk ( windows 7) and the problem didnt solved

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                    Everything was fine with my card until 5 days ago the screen was frozen like the one in the photo and Windows did not start with the drivers. I made a clean installation of windows yesterday and it did not work

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                        I had a Visiontek AMD HD 7850 that showed the exact screen on your photo. It is a driver issue. I needed to download from Visiontek their own AMD driver package. It turned out to be over two year old AMD driver using the old Catalyst form. As soon as it installed the Display driver, my screen went black. After a hard restarting of my computer and going to Device Manager, I went to the MS basic display driver and hit Automatic update. It reinstalled Visiontek old Display driver. After that my HD 7850 shockingly, started to work normally again after more than two weeks of black screens whenever installing any AMD display drivers on my computer. I figured that some parameter was changed by the newest AMD display driver that caused my Video card to crash when any AMD display driver was  being installed. The very old AMD display driver must of somehow restored the "defaults" on my video card. Making the video card work normally again with the newer AMD display drivers. Before that, I did run MEMTEST86, and found out I had a very bad 4 gbyte DDR3 RAM module that was causing all types of BSOD's and Video crashes like the one in your photo. But after replacing the bad memory module, is when I started getting constant black screens as soon as any AMD Display drivers were being installed. By the way, I installed the newer AMD display drivers on top of the old AMD display driver. Later on I did a complete uninstall using Windows Control panel and then using DDU. The newer AMD Display driver were still working normally after installation of the AMD package.

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                    I have the same problem..

                    I was playing Eve Online then everything crashed and went black..

                    i ended up trying to re-install the operating system and it booted up fine .

                    BUT when i installed the Radeon drivers it all went black again...

                    I dunno what to do. and it seems like AMD's not doing anything fix their crap software...

                    I think i'm going with a different brand video card and an INTEL system from now on...

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                    jahen your not alone, there are many, many users who are having the same problem as you, all you have to do is google and look at all complaints on numerous tech forums.


                    I have the same problem with my R 290X now after updating to 17.3.1.and now I can not install ANY AMD drivers as it results in just a black screen like you. I have tried everything everyone has suggested and even on a completely fresh installation of windows, but still get the same problem. If you want to read my tale of woe see my discussion below.



                    I'm sorry I can't be much help, but I hope you get the problem sorted out and also I hope my discussion might help you.

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                      I found solution looking through YouTube videos. Simply download newest AMD drivers for your operating system ( video shows win 8.1 drivers but it worked the same way with win 10 drivers for me), double click it and click install to get it extracted to C:\AMD. Once extracted stop, don't continue, close AMD Radeon Software installation. Open Device Manager, click on Display Adapters, right click on your graphics card, select update software, click on Browse my computer for drivers, navigate to C:/AMD/newest driver/Package/Drivers/Display and click OK and then Next and let it update drivers. Now lunch AMD Software installation again, click on Local Driver, but continue with custom instalation. Select AMD Settings, HDMI(optional) AMD Problem Report Wizard(optional) and DO NOT check in AMD Display Driver because you just did it manually before by going to device manager. Now restart your PC and your done Hope that helps every one who had this problem. Please reply if it worked for anyone else.  Credit to this video Install/Update AMD Catalyst Driver | Windows 10 (Black Screen Fix) - YouTube