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    XFX RX460 4GB freezing than rebooting the pc,




      I just bought a XFX RX460 4GB leaving my very old GF9600GT 512mb behind me, but after installing the dirvers i tryied to play some games, they all run with a nice FPS rate, but after a while i got a freeze random color screen and my pc reboots.


      MotherBoard: P5G41-M LX,

      DDR2 4GB 800Mhz

      Power Source: 500w from power X

      Proc: Intel  core 2 quad q6600


      my Old video card was a GF 9600 GT 512mb from Point of View


      i have configured the new drivers and download than from AMD site(Radeon Software Version 17.4.1) I use a win10 64bit's.


      I have teste the videocard with FurMark in FullHD playing the graphics with the antialising 8xmsaa for +- 15 minutos no problem have been occurred(max temperature was 68 with fan speed in 60%).

      Playing Path of Exile with Graphics on low for 10-15 minutes the PC freezes and reboot, this also happens with Warframe(medium/high configuration).


      Can someone help me discover if the problem is in the videocard?