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    Drastic FPS drop crimson


      Hi can you please guys help me, tried to install crimson (several versions) but it always give a very drastic fps drop,  my fps idle in dota 2 is usually at 112 - 121 and 60 fps when at clash and Paladins at 90 fps  when I am using Catalyst, so I had to uninstall Crimson several times and went back to catalyst because it gives me very smooth gameplay and FPS. . when I have a crimson driver my dota 2 idle is at 50 fps and 30 fps and below in clash. Can you tell me if I have to do something run the crimson smoothly? or if I have done something wrong.

      Amd A8 7600Sapphire R7 240 2gb ddr3 (crossfire enabled)
      x2 4gb ram
      Sorry for the poor rig that I have