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Vulkan API Dropping frames due to DWM R9380

Question asked by cammelspit on Apr 6, 2017

Pretty much exactly as it sounds. Since Vulkan does not have an exclusive fullscreen mode, one that bypasses the windowing system, I get some insane dropped frames on anything using the Vulkan API. nVidia actually added support for this directly into their driver so they are at this point a step ahead in supporting the Vulkan API in a way that makes sense. The problem is, Vulkan gets some great speed ups in the games/emulators I would like to use with it on AMD cards but if half the frames my GPU renders are simply not displayed then there is literally no point to using it at all. There HAS to be a way to get around this and if not AMD really needs to step up their game and support the same fullscreen mode the nVidia does. I just HATE seeing nVidia work better with an API like Vulkan and I seriously don't want to see another situation like OpenGL where AMD lags behind. I like AMD and don't want to have to jump ship because of incomplete/bad drivers.


If anyone has any ideas on how I can deal with this issue, please, let me know!