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Windows 10 replacing my drivers every single time

Question asked by magoguitarrista on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by neilthran

IM so tired of this, I don't know in what moment, cause Im not pendig of it all the time but from time to time When I decide to check, for some f.... reason windows 10 replace my actual drivers of my graphic card (R7 370) for the diver 15.xX.xx. wich is a 2 years old driver, IM SO TIRED of re installing 17.x... I already tried to:
Disable Windows 10 Updates/ Windows 10 automatic driver installation for new devices
The clean install of AMD drivers (Which includes the erasing of the existing and suggested windows 10 driver 15.xx.xx)
And then install 17.x..
But when Im playing somethimes I tell myself, "Well this game is  not working as It used to be" then I checked and, yes, 15v is back...