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    Crimson 17.4.1 R9 Fury Nitro issue


      Good day everyone.

      There might be some bug with 17.4.1.

      Tested with GPU-z 1.18.0 Render test -> my R9 Fury Nitro is stuck at Bus interface speed of x16 1.1 and won't change to 3.0 with this driver, also core and memory clocks stay at idle 525core, 250mem.


      I have tried clean install of this driver -> same problem.

      Cleaned with DDU and installed this driver again -> same problem.

      Cleaned with DDU and installed 17.3.3 -> problem is not present GPU working at x16 3.0 and GPU works at normal clocks 1050 core and 500 mem.

      Cleaned again with DDU and installed 17.4.1 -> problem returned, GPU is working again at x16 1.1 and clocks stay at idle 525core 250mem.


      Windows 10 Pro x64 build 10.0.10586.

      CPU i7-3770

      Mobo ASRock z68 Extreme3 Gen3, bios L2.31A.


      Attached screenshots of GPU-Z with drivers 17.3.3 and 17.4.1 installed.



      Tested on 17.6.2

      Same issue, GPU works at x16 1.1 and GPU core clocks stays at 300mhz and memory at 500mhz.


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          Same here


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            I have the exact same graphics card and after installing 17.4.1 my core clock locked at 525 MHz but memory didn't budge from 500. Played Garry's Mod and my system crashed after ~3 minutes, all monitors went black and had to force shutdown my pc. Had trouble booting as well, monitors were showing black screen and it took me multiple tries to boot to windows properly. After running DDU and reverting to 17.3.1 all my problems disappeared. It's obviously a driver issue.


            AMD Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro

            Self built desktop

            Windows 10 64Bit Version 1607 (14393.693)

            Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.4.1

            Asus Maximus VI Hero

            Intel i5 4670k

            Seasonic 650-X

            2X8GB 1600MHz, can't remember manufacturer but I doubt it really matters in this case

            Dell U2414H 60Hz Dislayport cable

            Asus VG248QE 144Hz Displayport cable

            Fujitsu 60Hz HDMI cable

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              I had a similar problem - the card (R9 380) stuck at 1.1 after a hang/crash while gaming. Only way to revive the card was pulling the card's plugs and re insert. Then it was able to go up to 2.0 again under load. Cause was a bad plug connection to the card - make sure both 6+2  (8 plug) is properly seated in its sockets. I even whirled those plugs in dish-wash solution to get it "grease" free ( just make sure all power is disconnected b4 doing this).


              After that this problem was fixed