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17.4.1 Overclock bug on 7950

Question asked by alex9002 on Apr 6, 2017


FIXED !?! Don't have this problem in 17.4.3 (no more WATTMAN YEEEIII)


Hi .. i have an AMD 7950 Sapphire oc, i installed driver 17.4.1 and noticed that overdrive was replaced with wattman and now i can't overclock my gpu anymore.I used to overclock it using sapphire trixx v4.9 but now if i apply any changes to the voltage => crash, if i try to overclock using wattman i encounter 2 problems:

1. There's a limit on the voltage.

2. Any changes i make to the voltage don't rly apply, only the gpu clock is changed => crash


So now i'm stuck on driver 17.3.3. (i know it's an old rly RLY OLD gpu but the problem here seems to be wattman and it would be so easy to fix this problem if wattman was optional or replaceable with overdrive)