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    What DDR4 ram to buy for Ryzen?


      I am a little confused what ram to buy to pair up with Ryzen. First I'm torn between these boards:


      ASrock AB350 Pro4

      MSI B350 PC MATE

      Asus Prime B350 Plus


      Do all modern ddr4 ram will work on these boards? About the speed, all of them says Ryzen cpu support DDR4 3200(OC)/2933(OC)/2667/2400/2133.

      Does this mean it only support 3200 mhz of ram speed only through OC? So I just need to buy a 2400 mhz ram and oc it to 3200? or buy a 3200 mhz ram?


      Thank you!

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          You will need to see the Memory compatibility lists from the manufacturer for each of these motherboards.

          Also read the manuals for each motherboard for info on the capacity and slot/channel position of the memory.


          Do not purchase memory before doing the research.  

          Each one will have it's own special requirements, not all DD4 memory will work with all motherboards.

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              So ONLY the specific rams in the QVL list will the ones that will work. Okay. But to the other question about speed, can I buy a 2400 mhz ram and overclock it to 3200 mhz. I really have no idea about overclocking ram. Because base on reviews ram speed greatly affect ryzen speed.

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                  RAM can be overclocked just like CPU's and GPU's but you have to remember that you can only overclock it as far as the Ram will allow.

                  What that means is that you can try to overclock 2400Mhz Ram, but you may not be able to push it to the desired speed of 3200Mhz.

                  If you have never overclocked RAM before I recommend that you purchase RAM at the rated speed you want for now.

                  Do some research on how overclocking is done, buy an inexpensive set of Ram (at a lower speed) and practice on that till you feel comfortable with the process.  

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                So synchronous ...

                If you will look at this benchmark the guy have the same board as you (and me) and he picked the best memory for it at the sweet spot frequency so he, as a reviewer, created the perfect enviroment for testing.

                Does Ryzen Work Better With AMD GPUs? [Part 2] - YouTube


                If you afford those memories you will know for sure they will work with your mainboard and Ryzen...



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