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Screen Goes Black When Installing W4100 and After Boot (Window 10 Logo)

Question asked by guyfreakz on Apr 5, 2017

Hello, I'm trying to install W4100 in Windows 10. My PC spec is Ryzen 1700, AB350 Pro4, CMK16G4M2A2666C16, Seasonic G650, Dell E2016HV, Mini DP to VGA Adapter (unbranded). The process installation always give me a black screen (not blank = my monitor indicator are not pulsing). After waiting for 15 minutes to check this problem, I tried to do hard reset. I could went past BIOS screen until Windows Logo pop up and then goes black again. I tried to reinstall windows and using the newest driver from AMD's Website. But still got some problem. It's so difficult to uninstall the driver and back to microsoft native driver since Ryzen doesn't have onboard GPU. Please help...


Thank you