Official Red Team World of Tanks Clan

Discussion created by cavemanthe0ne on Apr 5, 2017
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If you play World of Tanks, I have made an official Red Team clan for everyone to participate in! The link to it is here:

Clan |

If you like to play World of Tanks come join! I'll keep the team open for application unless it starts getting to the 100 player limit but that probably won't be an issue. If you are looking to have an active clan just let me know and I'll set things up for it to be participating in the Clan Wars and possibly down the road in the Global War as well, which could be epic. For now the voice chat will be over on the AMD Discord if anyone wants to platoon or do clan battles

Let me know your thoughts and whatever else here! I will probably post screenshots and activities people who are in the clan can do when people start joining, so look forward to it!

Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield!