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Crimson RELIVE / Crossfire R9-290 problems / stutter / flickering

Question asked by triple on Apr 5, 2017

Hi everyone ,


stuff :

I7-3770k OC 4.4 GHZ

CFX R9-290 4G tri-x


antec HCG 900W

WIN 10


Resolution : 6000x1920


I have problems with ALL the RELIVE edition drivers in crossfire mode.


before relive version, it was working good with both cards frequency locked to 1000 MHZ, no stutter, no flickering, all was good on most games with the good adjusting.


Since the relive version on January '17, I have problems ON ALL GAMES ! (BF1, rocket league, payday 2, ...)


list of drivers tested with problems :


- 16.12.2

- 17.1.2

- 17.3.3


The frequency is not stable, sometimes they drop down between 900 and 1000 MHZ and that make stutters like crazy and flickering with or without vertical sync.


I have put the power limit to max, and the heat temps are good ( under 80°)

ULPS is disabled under REGEDIT and proper installation with clean registry like the things need to be done.



I searching on your website and I have found nothing, may be my RIG is too complicate with my 5x1.



I have to roll back to non relive version like 16.11.5 to have a good working with no stutter.


Can you help me by testing cross fire r9x290 on eyefinity mode to see what happen ?



Thanks for all, I like AMD, its a good company with good product at all.