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Wattman won't save my undervolting changes

Question asked by bumi on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by profmycroft

So here's the deal:

I own an RX470 Nitro+ 8G on Windows 7 and basically everything's running smooth. But from time to time (not always, which is very weird), my undervolting changes are not being saved and will be resetted back to defaults.


What I've done is:

- Fan speed to a max of 1900rpm

- max temperature up to 77°c

- lower the core voltage to 1031, 1055 and 1080 on the last 3 states.


No matter if I choose different settings or not, it's being resetted on a regular basis. I'm using driver 17.2.1, but I've had this problem for months now, using both older and newer drivers. Could it be, that this has got anything to do with me playing Overwatch?

I only found out about this when having the OSD enabled (MSI Afterburner) to check for temps, fan speed, etc. during gameplay, since Overwatch tends to put a full load on GPU and makes the fan spin quite loudly. Other games are not that heavy and I haven't noticed and wattman-reset after playing something else.



P.S. I'm unly using the Afterburner for the OSD, everything else is being handled by Wattman.