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Strange 390X hang/crash problem

Question asked by boolet on Apr 5, 2017

This is a persistent problem that, at this point, could only be caused by my R9 390X graphics card.


I have tested three other monitors, and replaced all components in my computer but the graphics card in question to date.


Current system : R9 390X, Gigabyte AORUS gaming 5 motherboard, Ryzen 1800X cpu, 2x8GB DDR4, 1200w Gold+ PSU.


I've also reinstalled windows 10 64-bit twice, and tried the beta drivers down to 10 drivers ago. At this point I'm fairly sure my GPU is at fault, but hopefully some setting could fix the issue.


The issue in question manifests most commonly when simply web browsing, on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. My system will hang for several seconds... 5-10 seconds where the entire system appears frozen, yet my mouse can be moved without issue. Clicking or typing does nothing during this time.


After the 5-10 second hang, it will freeze entirely for 2-5 seconds, then the screen will go black for another 2-5 seconds, afterwards my system resumes as normal. Occasionally this will cause streaming video playback to fail. Every now and then windows will tell me that my display driver has stopped responding and has recovered, but not always.


Additionally, in Radeon settings, Notifications tell me that my AMD Crossfire internal bridge is not properly attached. I only have one graphics card.


I'm perplexed as to what further steps to do to troubleshoot this issue.