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Blackscreen after clean install Windows 10 Asus RX270

Question asked by calvinwong on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by calvinwong

My board is ASUS Z87 with ASUS RX270, and dual monitor with HDMI, recently I tried to fresh install the windows (latest stable Windows 10 Build 1607), after the installation and configuration of some basic options, then it displayed 'Hi' and wait for a while, supposed it should be goes to the desktop but it was failed.


I tried to boot in safe mode everything display on both mon are prefect, but not working during normal boot, i tried to reinstalled the windows a few times, and the only way I find it working it by removing its installed ATI display drivers and replaced with the MS one, else it was never able to display anything during normal boot.


I tried many versions of ati drivers installation too but still failed to boot during normal while ok in safe mode ...


I am very depressed with the drivers quality !!

Any quick solutions? it had been wasted me a day to fix this driver related issues ...