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Sapphire r7 370 nitro 4gb preformance decrease

Question asked by swiss_zen on Apr 5, 2017

Hi to everyone, not long ago I have a performance decrease without reason with my graphic card (r7 370). When I do a openGL test I get 113 fps at most. Before, some months ago get 122 - 123 fps it was the normal, but now is impossible. All works well in my graphic card, fans, temperature, clocks... and neither is there any problem from crashes, bluescreens or something similar. Please, somebody knows something about this problem ? Thanks !!


My specs:

MSI z170 - a pro

i5 6500 - 3.2 GHz

Sapphire R7 370 Nitro Dual-X OC 4GB GDDR5

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2133 2 x 8GB