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fx 8120 zambezi only gives me 1438 mhz with my msi 970 gaming motherboard

Question asked by thisdude on Apr 4, 2017

Hi there wondering if anyone has come across this problem before or has a fix for this my cpu 8120 zambezi am3 chip will not over clock nor will it even clock to basic specs of 3100ghz i am stuck at 1300mhz to 1488mhz  no matter what i do in bios menu and i have tried all versions of bios flashing for this motherboard msi 970 gaming (ms-7693)(cpu-1) chipset model rd9x0. i tried another fx 4 core chip same thing will not go past 1488mhz  is it the board ? or is there a bit of software to unlock my board or chip ? maybe my board is pooched ? my son has the exact same board and chip his has no problem overclocking to 4.1mhz we have the same memory 2133 ..any help would be great thanks guys