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So no SteamVR Async Reprojection Support for FuryX/Fury on 17.4.1?

Question asked by xkm121 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by resonic

I see in the latest release notes of Crimson drivers AMD finally brought support for SteamVR Async Reprojection. However the caveats are the new driver only support RX480/470. As a FuryX owner who bought FuryX on launch day, I am extremely disappointed. The lack of support for their top tier flagship GPU really discourages me. FuryX performance in SteamVR has been pretty bad as matter of fact. It needs a lot of performance optimization, maybe even more than RX480. However all we FuryX owners get is months of waiting and then still no support. I wish AMD's driver development team can do a better job in the future. Please do not antagonize people who actually purchase your high end GPUs by providing horrible driver support.