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Strategies for overclocking Ryzen

Question asked by tymkoijn1 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by ajlueke

Ok So I was on the Red Team Discord and we were talking about the Ryzen Master utility and if we use it. It made me think about how many different methods there are for overclocking. So here is Mine be sure to leave your method in the comments. First I find the max stable overclock that I can use on my chip. then I use the Master utility to work up running quick stress tests till I find a clock that it can't hit. Then Using the last overclock in Master as my base for my new bios Overclock I repeat the process. once I get to an overclock where I can not go further I dial in the last stable overclock and using the Master Utility set my SOC voltage and apply it. I was able to get to 4.1 on a 1700 this way. What are your methods? note: Using an MSI B350M Gaming Pro.