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4.1 Stable on Ryzen 1700

Question asked by tymkoijn1 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by benman2785

Ok so here is the thing I have 4 Ghz stable all day and I can hit 4.1 but I can not get it to run a lot of benchmarks I was able to run the CPU-z validation benchmark but other than that I am stuck. Thermals are good only hitting 66 C on water cooling, but when I run cinebench or any stability testing software it kicks it. Black Screen no BSOD,  last bench was done at 4100 all cores CPU Voltage at 1.425 with the SOC voltage at 1.10 running on an MSI B350M gaming pro mobo. I am thinking it may be the vrms but don't have another board to test this out. Any thoughts