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    [Rumor] Surface Pro 5 to have AMD Ryzen option.


      Microsoft To Defy Trends In Surface Pro 5 With 4K UltraHD And AMD Ryzen; October Launch Expected : Trending News : Unive…


      The rumor mills have been churning non-stop about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the reports are favorable to the consumers. The latest of which supports a Microsoft and AMD partnership to finally resolve the battery draining issues reported with the Surface Pro 4. Previous reports state that the Redmond-based giant may opt for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 chipset to resolve the high power consumption associated with the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Then AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs were launched recently boasting of high performance and energy efficiency that fits what the latest Surface Pro product needs.


      Even if it were true, it's still not worth putting up with Windows 10 for. Microsoft's already changed Windows 10 so you have no choice but to take "critical" updates, no matter how large they are and no matter if you are on a metered connection, so what's going to happen when they decide to force all their updates onto a machine you can't rip the hard drive out of?

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          Microsoft Surface would never be that successful as what Apple iPad approached for so far. The reason is obvious that iOS is designed exclusively for such devices since the very beginning day, but Microsoft Windows isn't, Windows 10 isn't either. Microsoft Surface cost a lot, but after all, they are just the tablet computers, no matter how powerful they are.


          The only thing that I appreciate is Microsoft Surface RT and Windows RT. In Microsoft communities, I suggested them to refine this OS to be metro only, eliminating the desktop environment at all. But after for some uncertain reasons, they skipped Windows 9, just released Windows 10 to the market. They do not eliminate legacy desktop environment but hybrid desktop and metro together, in the form of universal apps. That is stupid, and Windows 10 is stupid too, because obviously the future of Windows is very unclear! They want an OS not only designed for legacy computers, tablets but also the game console, unifying everything into one is a worse thing. People need varieties, this world is built up of varieties rather than the only unified. Windows needs evolving into something else like what Windows 8 presents. Rather than something like Windows 10, boring and not refresh at all. AMD Ryzen processor seems go the similar road like what Microsoft did and do. I believe the mobile version of AMD Ryzen would be the heart of future Microsoft Surface products, reason is obviously, they just want to get out of the control of Intel all the time. They are not like Apple, Apple would need others, or throw them away, because they have everything themselves in house, touchable and consolidated. But what Microsoft has are countless abstracts, untouchable.


          Dipping into the evolution of Mac OS X from 80486 and PowerPC towards x86_64, the developers almost exploit the full potential power of processors and architectures. Such as the capabilities of run 64-bit applications on the 32-bit kernel running under compatibility mode, but Microsoft never realised something like that. Too much efforts on the unified and generalised would drive Windows in the future out of value. There is no barrels for Microsoft to use any processor for the products, Ryzen has a comparably reasonable (cheaper) price. So Microsoft would love to use such things, and that rumour is much more practical than the future MacBook Pro would use Ryzen as its heart.


          I love computer science, I love everything around them. I just wish AMD would make future Ryzen special, getting out of the programmed model by what Microsoft designed, to be a special processor, to change its underlying architecture, ISA, such as eliminating the support of IA-32 and introduce the support of ARM and so forth.