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Changing pixel format on 21:9 + RX480

Question asked by fezara on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by fezara

Hello guys.


So, I´ve recently switched to a 21:9 monitor (LG29UM68P) and connected it via DisplayPort 1.2a cable. (Using a RX480)


However, the image isnt quite yet perfect and the last time I had this issue (with my previous monitor when connecting it via HDMI cable) I solved by changing the pixel format on the radeon config panel, as below:





However, currently (with the 21:9 monitor and display port cable) I dont have the option to change that:



I´ve tried finding the "pixel format" option on the LG driver but to no success.


So far, it appears that this option disappears when using a 75hz refresh rate, but I tried changing it to 30 and it still didnt appear.


If it helps, my DxDiag file is attached.


So, question is, how do I change the pixel format on a 2560x1080 monitor using a display port cable? I´ve read that changing the cable might make the option appear but then I wont be able to use the proper 21:9 resolution and FreeSync technology.


And, lastly, saying that it is impossible to change it, is there any other solution for the partially bad image?


Please, feel free to ask any questions.


Thanks a lot!