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Multi-Monitor issue with W4300

Question asked by steve76063 on Apr 3, 2017

I just got a new HP Z240 Tower Workstation with a FirePro W4300.  The following is my physical setup:

Monitor on top-left - VGA (DisplayPort to VGA adapter) on a TruTech HD Tv/monitor at 1024x768

Monitor on Left (below the TruTech) - HDMI (DP to HDMI) 22" Gateway monitor at 1680x1050

Monitor in middle - VGA (DP to VGA) - Sony 30" HD Tv/Monitor at 1360x768

Monitor on right - HDMI (DP to HDMI) 24" Gateway monitor at 1920x1200


I have the right most monitor setup in Win10 Pro-64 as my main monitor (although Windows identifies it as screen #2), and (because of the issues I'm having) all my icons are on this screen.


The issue I'm having is that many times when the monitors are 'waking up' after the computer's gone to sleep, all the screens will start to flash, and for 1 - 10 minutes, the screens flash, the background image sometimes goes to gray, and the icons are sometimes on the correct (right) screen, and at other times I see them appearing on one of the other monitors!  If I wait long enough, it'll eventually stop flashing, but my icons might be back in the right place, or might be on another screen (or split between my main screen and another screen), or may be on the right screen, but now rearranged (as I'd expect if I'd changed resolutions).


I'm trying to go through HP support to figure out what's going on, and more importantly to stop this, but I thought I'd put my issue out the the folks here on the AMD forum to see if there are any ideas/suggestions...