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battlefield 1 barely playable with r9 nitro fury.!

Question asked by rebelyell on Apr 3, 2017


fx 9590 same as 8350 just binned to 220w. Nitro fury GPU's


ok so I have the same issues as many do on battlefield 1 .  I  have 2 radeon sapphire nitro fury's its not the cpu's or the gpu cards its the game and possibly a better driver would help a lot.. NVidia is running multi gpu's hmm but not many people are. why cant amd cards run multi.. AMD plz can we get a driver for this madness of a rekt game.  don't get me wrong you can get the game to run multi gpu's but you get a perfect 50% drop in performance like turning a light switch on. the only way is too run the game is in borderless windows . atleast on win 7..  also the game dosent like hyper threading I have read from bf1 forums. so we are ok there. bf1 runs only 4 threads of the 8 cores, verify this with ingame command render.drawscreeninfo 1 . there is a thread to get more threads going to smooth out the game but im still working on that.. user.cfg file . we should be able to run 6 threads and let 2 for windows system to run. bf1 cannot run eyefinity very well either, I have to run 3 monitors in borderless which kicks 1 gpu off line instantly, then the game scales down my 5760x1080 too 4896x918. basically this really suks to have to run 1 gpu low medium or high all the same. skips hangs you name it.. it don't matter what setting you put on crimson game does not like us..! it really hates frame pacing wow.

I know NVidia had there hands in this game with there hbao setting and some graphics of the dust off of boots and grass while you walk. so what did they do to amd hmm.

AMD is there anyway you could help thousands of people out here.  plz


= ok so you guys that are not running the game really I will help best I can. and it dosent matter if crossfire logo is on its still only 1 gpu running.! so on crimson set bf1 game settings. textures performance. turn off crossfire. turn off surface optimization. the setting for bf1 amd profile, don't bother with that Tunguska.main_win64.exe stuff makes no difference maybe shade worse. let everything else amd optimized or application settings.  so running 1 gpu , launch the game. ingame go to video and set graphics on med or high not custom or low. low is worse. let taa and Hbao on. turn off memory restriction. turn off vsync. set frame rate too 200 . set rendering to 85% set motion blurr to 5% . overclock the gpu as much as u can and cpu, it seems to like cpu overclocked a lot. im around 4.95ghz and I wont go to 5.2 like I could. I run 2400mhz ripjaws at 2410mhz. tweek that ram game loves eating ram. hypertransport and northbridge running at 2712 mhz. I take no responsibility for ocing.


the command perfoverlay.drawgraph 1 will show how bad the cpu and gpu's are spiking 1-2 ms spikes. that's all I can help with. and I need help too.


- the game hangs for 1-2 ms

-cpu and gpu spikes are clear to top of screen.

-lag and jitters

-seems like the dynamic voltage on gpu keeps trying to drop then ramp back up <<<<<

-multi gpu incapable

-full screen with eyefinity will not run at all.

-fps is all over the map very irregular and poor even with 1 gpu 2 will not run.

- must run in borderless windows or totally unplayable freezes and hangs, cpu gpu spikes

-game scales my 5760x1080 eyefinity too 4986x918 even with crimson scaling off.



fx9590 4.95ghz

gskill ripjaws 2410mhz 16gb had 32gb removed 16gb. 16gb runs best on this.

windows 7 ult

corsair 110i water cooled

2 sapphire radeon r9 nitro fury's crossfirex

Samsung ssd 850 evo

driver 17.3.3 up to date.

asus crosshair v formula-z 1901 bios I had 2201 flashed back.

evga 1300 watts



CAN a driver help with the nitro fury. I hope




AMD please help us guys out if ya can. thanks