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    black screen after using crimson relive


      i did not know what i was doing and i used crimson relive on my computer thinking it would help it, and it turned the screen black when i tried to log in.

      i went into safe mode and turned off my display adapter driver in device manager and now i cant play warframe and 3D games in general cause they lag too much. specs attached.

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          Same here i am using Build 15063.13 of Windows 10 Pro, after fresh install, it after boot up windows and black screen during windows logon (mine card is ASUS R9 270X), it was perfectly before when using the RTM build Windows 10 with default come in drivers.


          Mine have 2 monitors both 32'ft with 1x HDMI and 1x Display Port, it was sadly that I can only use MS Basic Display Adapter, but dual monitor features is lost.


          Any ideas or solutions too ??!! I tried reinstall windows, difference version of drivers also failed, while also tried DDU, Clean up utility before installing any drivers also got the same similar issues.