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    black screen while running games



      never had this problem before i upgraded my graphic card, but now even during cut scenes it just freezes and pop out the blackscreen of death

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          Hello bigfudge,


          There is no blackscreen of death for Microsoft Windows, only the BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death. AMD A10-7700K is an APU with GPU integrated, and later you place another GPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 onto your computer. Then two GPUs are possibly serving for your system. The problems lie on the following,


          1. Have you disable the integrated GPU on the BIOS? 

              If you have disable the integrated GPU on the BIOS, there might be something wrong with the driver or the hardware itself. I recommend download the latest NVidia GeForce Driver for your card from the NVidia official website. If you have tried this, without solving this problem, I would advise you place your card onto other motherboard and have a try too. If it stays the same, I would recommend you make a replacement.


          2. Have you connected your monitor onto the newly coming card?

             If you merely place your newly coming card onto your motherboard, without changing the connection between your case and your monitor, your monitor is serving by the integrated GPU rather than the GTX 1060. When playing game, depending on the parameter for the NVidia driver, it might switch the GPU from AMD towards to GTX 1060, so you experience the black screen. In this situation, you might want to make both GPU work, just want to benefits the acceleration from the GTX 1060. You have to set the parameters from the NVidia drivers, make sure the display is output from the integrated GPU, leaving only acceleration from GTX 1060. You might also update the AMD GPU driver to the latest, in event of that it interfering from the NVidia GPU. I recommend you just disable the integrate GPU from the BIOS, and connect your monitor towards the ports found on the newly coming card. That would be the best solution!


          Anyway, I just wish you good luck!


          Best Regards,

          Aaron Janagewen

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              tried both of them still crashes, the problem occurs when I'm playing games any games. its not really "Black Screen of Death" its more looks like a system failure but the system is rebooting the screen freezes at black screen. i don't think any of my hardware has a problem/issue and the drivers is recently updated and up to date.


              the integrated GPU has been disabled, and monitors are already connected to my new gpu

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                  Thank you for your feedback. For the very problem, I do recommend you place your graphics card onto other systems and have another try, if possible. Your system might possibly be powered by Windows 7, so you can also issue on Microsoft community. You might also obtain helpful suggestions when you post your question towards to the developers of the game, you play. Anyway, I wish you good luck.

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                Hello Big F.


                Might be wise to set up your OS to not reboot itself when the failure happens in this way you will have time to view the error code and see if it is creating a dump file in the process to view later if need be. Also when you do get this Black screen you might like to try Ctrl+Alt+Del and go to Task manager. Look at your Processes and see if you notice anything unusual. Not sure what your Web surfing habits are, but I had an issue like this one time and it turned out to be a Wrapper that I picked up on a bad page, and it kept redirecting my browser giving me Black Screens. These are a real pain if you don't get rid of them, via a good scanner. My 3 Favorites are, SuperAntiSpyware Free, MalwareBytes Free, IOBIT Advance System Care Pro ( Pay, but you can get it free at times, otherwise it will be the basic free version ) and my main running security is Avast Free. The others are only for scanning when I use them.

                Just a thought........


                Cheers, Ambrose