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AMD Crimson Control Panel Missing

Question asked by judesman on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by judesman

I have just noticed that my AMD Crimson Control Panel is missing and so is the link in the Win 10 notification area. I have an AMD R7 250 card and if I click on the AMD Radeon link in Win 10 settings a window appears telling me that AMD Radeon.exe is missing. Cortana cannot find any trace of this on the computer. I believe the driver version I have installed is V16.12.2 although I am not sure of this as I had some previous driver problems and rolled back an update.  I see that there is version V17.2.1. If I download this will it re-instate Control Panel or is there some other problem.  Any help please? How do I recover the Control Panel?