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The computer does not restart(Hangs) after uspeshnoi install the Drivers for the HD7970M

Question asked by kisl2016 on Apr 3, 2017

1) I removed the old driver "radeon-crimson-relive-17.3.1-minimalsetup-170321_64bit"

2) Rebooted the computer

3) Started to install "radeon-crimson-relive-17.3.3-minimalsetup-170321_64bit"

4) Successfully installed

5) the App gave the message that after 1 minute the computer will restart

6) the Computer has completed all application... gave a message "shutting down.... (blue background)" and then hangs.. which is spinning circle stops spinning and nothing to do but manually restart the computer... please understand what it is....

7) Even after this emergency shutdown of the computer drivers are working properly(properly, properly) just wanted to restart had occurred more smoothly... thanks for understanding...




Great Laptop

Windows 7 x64 Maximum

Intel i7 3630QM 2.4 GHz

16 GB's of RAM

AMD Radeon HD7970M