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    AMD FX 4300 no picture



      First of all I apologize that I must use the Google Translator ^^"

      I have recently, at Amazon, an AMD FX 4300 black edition processor bought. After the installation I have no picture. My mainboard has an AM3 + socket, even on a newer motherboard did not work the CPU. Does it have a fault or is it only designed for certain mainboards?

      I hope u can help me.

      Lg. Amy


      (all in German:

      Vorweg entschuldige ich mich das ich den Google Überstezer benutzen muss ^^"

      Ich habe mir vor kurzem, bei Amazon, einen AMD FX 4300 black Edition Prozessor gekauft. Nach der Installation habe ich kein Bild. Mein Mainboard hat einen AM3+ Sockel, auch auf einem neueren Mainboard funktionierte der CPU nicht. Hat er einen Fehler oder ist er nur für bestimmte Mainboards ausgelegt?

      Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen

      Lg. Amy)

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          Hallo silberfuchsamy,


          In general, AMD FX 4300 BE (Black Edition) is applied for all the AM3+ motherboard, because it has a de-facto TDP, 95W, and almost all motherboard designed for AM3+ would meet this requirement. I suggest you update the BIOS or firmware to the latest and clear CMOS before installing your new processor. If you have done so, this problem still lies there, I guess there might be something wrong with your processor. In this situation, you can contact with your vendor to make replacement. Anyway, Ich wuensche Ihnen viel Glueck!


          Best Regards,

          Aaron Janagewen

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            Have you built a computer before? Which motherboard are you using? The FX4300 should work in any motherboard with an AM3+ socket.


            The steps should be pretty straightforward:

            Mount the motherboard in the case

            Insert the CPU

            Mount the CPU cooler cooler

            Insert the RAM

            Connect the case front panel wires to the motherboard

            Connect the power supply to the motherboard

            Insert video card (if needed)

            You don't need a hard drive or mouse yet because for now you just want to see if everything is working.

            Connect keyboard

            Connect monitor


            At this point you can hit the power button to see if the computer starts.

            You should hear the fans turning.

            After a minute or so you should see a message that says something like "no boot drive". That is OK since you haven't mounted a hard drive yet.

            That is OK. Now just restart the computer and press the required key to get into BIOS (some use the Delete key).


            Can you get this far? If so you are 90% there.