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Rx 480 Fan Problems

Question asked by padom on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2017 by padom

I have an XFX Rx 480 4gb model. I had gotten it at Christmas and, for two weeks everything worked fine. However, now only one fan works and it is always on at 3700 rpm. From the moment I turn on my computer, to the second I turn it off, the fan is at it's fastest. I have tried to manually tweak the fan settings, I've moved it in to a different PCIE slot, and I've swapped out the PCIE cables. Nothing has seemed to work. Now, due to the card not being able to cool down, my computer has started to shut off randomly when playing games like Battlefield 4 and Witcher 3.

Part list:

CPU: I5-6500

Ram: 16Gb PNY Anarchy

Mobo: MSI PC Mate H170A

GPU: XFX Rx 480 4Gb