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Problem with my R9 280X in the Stalker Games !

Question asked by waupee on Apr 2, 2017

Hy i have the following Problem with my Radeon R9 280X in the Stalker Games (Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl / Stalker Call of Prypjat).


I Play  this Games and Mod´s for there and in all i have the same Problem.


I can play 1 - 3 Hours the Games / Mod´s and then  i can see low FPS and in the Console come the following Message (Endless) :


RENDER [Warning]: Too many occlusion queries were issued(>1536)!!!


I can play a while with it and then come a Game or GPU - Driver Crash or my PC go to reboot.


Driver`s  for all my Hardware was the newest, i have use the Last Catalyst Driver (Same Problem), i have use DirectX Ingamemodi  11, 10, 9


all have not solve the Problem.