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    new drivers dont support 144Hz and 60 Hz simultaneously on triple monitor setup?


      hey folks,


      i have a r9 290x tri-x oc with triple monitor setup. 144Hz screen in the middle, two 60 Hz screens on the sides.

      When i set up eyefinity so i can play in 5760x1080, all the screens run in 60 Hz. Radeon Software 15.12 did support Eyefinity with diffrent refresh rates at the same time. Since i own battlefield 1, i had too install more recent drivers. It does not run on 15.12. Now i wonder why they got rid of that feature and how to fix it.

      I want to play my games in 5760x1080 with more than 60 frames on the middle screen again.


      Please Help!!


      Thank Y'all