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    Radeon Crimson Edition 17.X.X Memory Leak?




      I'm not sure if this is something related specifically to the newer Catalyst Display Drivers, Chipset Drivers, or a combination of the two. 


      Radeon Settings is constantly freezing up.  Specifically when I try to access the Gaming Tab and adjust profiles and/or scan for additional games.   More specifically Radeon Settings: Host Application.    States it's not responding.  


      Memory used jumps from about 77mb to around 3.5gb as it struggles, locks up, and eventually crashes.   


      Games run just fine after Radeon Settings restarts and I keep my fingers off it.   Aside from the few that I need to disable Crossfire and tweak and then it's a real pain.




      I'm running the following setup, so maybe it's just a matter of the platform being new, but it still needs to be fixed.  Hopefully the 17.4.X comes out soon and it works normally.


      CPU:  AMD Ryzen 1700x

      Motherboard:  Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5  F5D Bios

      Memory:  32GB GSkill  3200  (Currently stuck at 2666 due to Bios)

      Graphics Card:  Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro X2 (Crossfire)

      Power Supply:  Coolermaster 1300w

      OS:  Windows 10 64bit

      Chipset Drivers:  17.3.1

      Video Drivers: 17.3.3  (I've tried rolling back to 17.2.1 and all have this issue for me.)


      Is anybody else seeing this?   Is there a work around or any suggestions?



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          Nope, not seeing that high usage here. Maybe amdmatt or @ray_m have an idea ?

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            Thanks for the suggestions.   I recently updated to the 17.4.1 drivers and it's doing the same thing.   I did send a quick PM to amdmatt asking him to take a look at this and I have yet to hear anything back.   Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.   Thanks again.

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                go to windows power shell and run it then type (sfc /scannow) see if this helps

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                    Everything looks good there.


                    I did upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Updated yesterday in hopes maybe that would possibly help, but it's still doing the same thing.   Thanks for the suggestion though. 

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                        ok have you tryed with just one gpu ps i have Windows 10 Creators .

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                            I did try it with one gpu and got the same result.


                            At this point, I just decided to do the standard nuke and pave to the system.   Everything seemed great at first in regards to this.   Then I imported all my games from GOG and Steam that I have backed up and the issue came right back. I guess AMD didn't plan for people to have gaming libraries that consisted of 500+games or 500+profiles.   I don't want 500+ profiles.  I only want the ones I need, but Crimson just automatically creates them, and keeps creating them....Great.


                            I did a little more digging and it seems to be an existing issue with how Crimson creates default profiles. 


                            Please refer to the following links:


                            How do I delete all game profiles from Crimson?




                            I've tried the .bat file fix listed.   I've also tried using CCleaner to remove the games from Programs and Features.   This works until you restart and the the gmdb.blb file seems to regenerate/repopulate the data from somewhere.  


                            Also the Search and Replace fix again seems to work until the PC is restarted and gmdb.blb once again pulls the information from somewhere.   It's kinda funny to watch because you access Game Setting and the only thing there is General Settings and then it starts pulling the data and the program just grinds to a hault and eventually locks up and crashes.  


                            I have yet to go through the Registry manually, but it really shouldn't be necessary to do that or any of this other crap. 


                            So,  I will be submitting something official to AMD requesting that they put in an option to disable this "feature" that essentially brakes Radeon Settings when too many games are installed on the system.    A check box to turn Automatic Profile Creation off and on would do it. 


                            In the mean time, if somebody else has other ideas, I would be more than happy to give them a shot.   I had Zero issues running Team Green's software for years with all my games installed.  



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                      I have the same issue. Much of the time I just get impatient and force close the settings.


                      It also makes wattman a bit annoying to get into, half the time I'll get "Radeon Settings: Host Application has stopped working" after it eats up about 2gb of ram or so or if I try to exit the settings window while in wattman or the profiles screen.


                      It would be great to have an option to just disable the profiles altogether. I don't use them, I only use the global settings.


                      I have around 300 steam games, 50 Origin games, 20 Uplay games, and maybe 20 DRM free games.


                      E5-1660 @ 4.7ghz

                      X79 Deluxe

                      32gb DDR3 2400mhz
                      Powercolor R9 390




                      1. Quick and easy fix:
                      2. Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\AMD\CN in explorer
                      3. Copy gmdb.blb to your desktop or something as a backup
                      4. Open gmdb.blb in something like Notepad++
                      5. Find and replace:
                        "hidden": "FALSE"
                        "hidden": "TRUE"
                      6. Save file
                      7. Set to read only and permissions to deny write access for all users

                      If there are any game profiles you want to keep, just set them to FALSE.


                      Now it is usable and is only using about 80-100mb of ram.




                      Edit2: Now that I'm looking closer, you already tried that.

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                        I have the same memory leak issue as well with the ReLive 17.4.2 drivers. When I restart my computer the Radeon Settings: Host Application uses about 3 MB of memory and then drops to below 1 MB, but once I open the Firefox and start to watching some video from the YouTube, Radeon Settings: Host Application memory usage jumps to 81 MB and after I close the Firefox, the Host Application memory usage just increases, so I have to close the process.



                        Windows 10 x64 Creators Update

                        Intel Core i5 4670K

                        G.Skill 16GB RAM 1600 MHz

                        Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ OC