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Radeon RX 460 Does not work on a Dell Optiplex 745 (Single Slot)

Question asked by tecdet on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by muhupy

Hi to everyone!

I've been trying to get answers why the Radeon RX 460 doesn't on the Optiplex 745 from Dell. The answer I receive from the machine is that the driver for the hardware (RX 460) are not installed or working.  My question is how that can be possible if I've been downloading it from the AMD support site.  My computer (Dell OptiPlex 745) has a Intel Pentium D  Extreme at 3.73 GHz, Windows 7 Pro 64 with 8 GBs of RAM. Does AMD has the right driver for this graphic card?