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    Installing old drivers?? I want 17.3.2


      I upgraded to 17.3.3 and lost about 40 fps. I have the 17.3.2 setup file, and when I open it, it searches for the update and insists I install the crippling 17.3.3

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          Yeah i experienced that too.I was also getting increased temperatures an I came to find out that the 17.series of drivers so far do not support DX12.So performance was lacking.Uninstall it an try 16.3.2 .If you don't know how to get to older drivers go to where you download your newest driver an on the right ---> you will see an option to see older drivers to install.That's where you find them.Remember.After you uninstall the driver.Go into your Program Files an look for AMD an delete that file.So there are no issues.Then install your next driver.