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I Have No Idea Of What Im Doing. Please Help me.

Question asked by ptonib on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by amdmatt

My System:



My Issue:


My name is Pablo, i've been trying to install this for hours, which is my main problem.

:Radeon Settings.PNG

But I seriously have no idea of how to do it, i've already looked up on Youtube and forums and basically it usually says i have to install the latest drivers, so here i have another problem.

I go to amd support and i have no idea of what driver i should choose so i use the option that automatically detects and installs the driver. So after this:


It appears this and nothing else:

radeon 2.PNG

But the thing i've seen that appears after the installation in youtube and forums is this:


Why does that not appear to me? I dont know what am i doing wrong.


Thank's a lot for taking some time to read this.

And sorry if my post is really bad organized and explained, im not used to do posts. Also my english is a bit poor and the content of the pictures is in Spanish, sorry aswell for that. I can translate it if it's necessary.

Have a great day and Thank's Again!