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Can't update drivers

Question asked by alaenya on Apr 1, 2017

Whenever I try to update the AMD drivers, it either hangs loading or it starts the intallation but gives me a "drivers already up to date" error. (or something similar, my software is not in english)


I had this problem before already and I did a clean reinstall of the drivers to get to the 17.2.1 version. I really don't want to do a clean reinstall every time there is a new update... is there any way around this? I tried running as an administrator and disabling antivirus, didn't help. I've also tried downloading the update from the website and installing over the one I have, which again gave me the "drivers already up to date" error. Also tried running the DISM and SCANNOW as suggested in troubleshooting, again no help.


Windows 10 64bit



AMD Radeon R5 M255