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    The end of an era: Mad Catz files for bankruptcy


      I still have their Game Boy Color screen magnifier and illuminator...


      Mad Catz Interactive Files For Bankruptcy, Ceases Operations



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          This is probably the best news I've heard in ages. Once MadCatz bought out Cyborg, I've despised them ever since. They completely ruined exceptional Cyborg designs (such as the R.A.T series mice) with cheaper internal components and external parts. If they would have utilized their marketing budget with the already fantastic Cyborg designs, they could have completely taken over the high end pc peripheral market. Yet instead, they decided to reduce manufacturing costs to unrealistic degrees and the end product suffered and badly.


          The MadCatz R.A.T mice ended up being a shell of the former high end Cyborg R.A.T mice, MadCatz deserves everything they get. They could have saved their company with the acquisition of Cyborg, but instead they wasted another opportunity, killing fantastic designs that deserved success. Hopefully the Cyborg assets get sold off to Roccat, Logitech, SteelSeries or one of the many other pc peripheral companies that at least attempt to focus on producing high end, high quality products and then Cyborg designs will return to their former glory or at least incorporated into future products coming from whoever acquired the rights.