Ryzen CPU TctlMAX

Discussion created by randa71 on Mar 31, 2017
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Hello everybody. I have this question: what is TCTL MAX for 1700, 1700X and 1800X? I know that 1700X and 1800X have an offset of 20°. 1700 doesn't have. So if i assume that max CPU temp is 95°, as i've read in the web, 95 is for 1700 or for 1700X/1800X? Because if 95° is MAX TCTL temp for 1700, Max Tctl temp for 1700X and 1800X is 115° (95°+20°). If 95° is for 1700X/1800X max Tctl for 1700 is 75°. Latest AIDA64 version which supports AMD Ryzen, in CPUID tab, reports 115° as TctlMAX....i don't know if it's correct or no. Eventually 1700 owners can report what's indicated? Thanks a lot.