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Rx 480 crashes on everygame

Question asked by hliast on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by jonh86

Problem with new  Asus Strix rx480 video card, it crashes on every game (the game dosent even start) and freezes the entire system. it looks like it runs at 39c idle and it goes to 80-85c when i clik on a game to start,im using latest drivers 17.3.3 i tried many of the old ones i tried many wattman settings overclocking-undercloking-giving more and less power, formating windows , updating mb bios, disconecting everything and plug it back again, i also used a diferent psu, so far i only made it worst ,my full specs are
-Intel core i5 6600k - Msi Gaming M5 Z170A motherboard - 16bg of hyper x fury at 2400Mhz and a Corsair Rmi650 Psu