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r9 390 dvi output stopped working

Question asked by shudogin on Mar 30, 2017

So, I have been using 3 monitors with my Sapphire R9 390 for the past 3 months, one connected by DisplayPort, one connected by DVI-D, one connected by DVI-D to HDMI (HDMI is plugged into the R9 390). I've had no issues, all 3 monitors work fine.


Last night I stepped out for dinner, and when I returned my computer had shut down. Upon restart, only the displayport monitor was receiving a signal. Both DVI monitors recognize when they plugged in to the graphics card, but immediately note "no signal received".


I've connected my TV to my r9 390 using the same HDMI port the DVI-D to HDMI monitor uses and it works fine (HDMI to HDMI). This, along with the fact the monitors recognize when they are plugged in, tell me the actual HDMI/DVI ports on the R9 390 are functioning.


I downloaded DDU and uninstalled all graphics drivers in safe mode. Once I restarted, I reinstalled the most recent drivers for my graphics card (17.3.3). After restarting, the graphics card still does not recognize the monitors connected via DVI.


I've reseated the R9 390 in two of the PCI-E slots in my Asus Z170p motherboard. I've removed, reseated, fiddle with the RAM, to no avail. I've attempted to use another known good DVI-D to DVI-D cable to connect my monitor to the graphics card, no dice. I've also verified my DVI-D to DVI-D cable is functioning, by testing it with another monitor/graphics card combo.


I installed an old 7950 graphics card I had laying around in the same PCI-E slot in my motherboard, and it displays perfectly on the DVI monitors.


All this to say, I believe my R9 390 has stopped sending output to any monitor connected via DVI. I've searched these forums and several others looking for issues that could cause this, and I've come up blank. Any ideas, beyond simply saying the graphics card is useless?