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Problems with rx 480 and civilization 6

Question asked by brianlgs on Mar 31, 2017


Buy at the end of February a rx 480 video card and I find that when I want to play civilization 6 with the default graphics level ... the whole machine gets paid. You can see the example in this link

Only happens in this game ... in others not and I have more than 120 games ...


Problemas con Civilization 6 - YouTube

After resorting without solutions to the support of the game ... investigating the configuration of the game and lowering the level of graphics to "medium" and execution of the same at window level ... I could play without restarting the whole pc.



My pc is a fx 8320 with 16gb ram and 480x rx video card

Can you tell me why a last model plate works mid-level in this game?

Can you tell me what would be the ideal configuration for the game with this video card?

Can tell me what would be the ideal configuration of the video card for said pc ... since I only install said board but I did not make any additional configuration on it or the soft or drivers it brings.