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    Corrupt drivers


      Please someone help me ...my laptop (dell inspiron 5555) is having amd corrupted drivers i've reset it several times and reinstalled windows (10)   but the problem is still there please help me ..I  can't even my graphic drivers on AMD because of its poor service ....

      U can see the scrnshot there is no radeon settings like it was before

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          Hello nipungrover.58,

          According to the screenshot, you are using the American English version of Windows 10, and set date format as DD-MM-YYYY, you might possibly come from India. In this situation, you have two ways to go,


          1. Restore to factory preinstalled

              Each laptop preinstalled with Microsoft Windows would have an installation footprint on the hidden and protected partition, you can copy it out or make a recovery USB drive through Control Panel or Settings. Then with it, restore your computer back to the day when it was brought to you. But before doing anything, you have to backup all your data in event of loss.


          2. Update to the latest

              You can download Windows 10 RS2 from the Internet, google or bing it. Write the installation file onto your USB Drive, with which you can perform a clean installation. With help of Windows Updates, the proper driver would be installed onto your computer automatically. Then you would get what you want. But pay attention, back up all your data before making clean installation in event of data loss.