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Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass case

Question asked by mjpbmp on Mar 30, 2017

I am still in a quandary about my upcoming Ryzen build.  I keep changing my mind on the case.  Has anyone dealt with this case?  I think the grey model is the one I am leaning toward to match my gun metal grey K95 keyboard.


I am planning on a custom water cooling loop in the system and I really like the Phanteks cases since this will be my first custom loop build.  I also am lucky enough to obtain a donated EK 360 system and the radiator is 60mm thick so I need a case to handle that monster rad.


I cannot wait for Vega too.  If they were out now I would not be able to contain myself.  I don't want a top of the line Ryzen without a top of the line card from AMD.  lol