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MSI Rx 480 8Gb + OculusRift issues

Question asked by manitou on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by procver

I use Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2 with Radeon rx480 8 Gb and have two issues:

1. I have an extremely low fps (1-5) and a lot of freezes in Oculus with the latest drivers (17.1.1-17.3.3 all have the same problem). Also, there are some freezes and graphical artifacts during playing without oculus, but fps is good.

2. I tried to install older drivers (16.3.2 - 16.8.3). On these kind of drivers performance is great, but I have crashes every 5 min, when I use Oculus. Without it, I have a good performance and no crashes.

My desktop specs:
4-quad Intel Core i5-6600k CPU 3.5 Hz
32 Gb RAM
MSI Radeon rx480 8 Gb
Windows 10 x64

I tried to use my videocard on another computers with similar specs, Win7 and Win10 . The same issues. Also, I tested my Oculus Rift with GeForce 970 and everything works like a charm.
I reinstall driver in safe mode using Driver Uninstal Utility or AMD Clean Uninstall Utility. I try to connect Oculus directly to HDMI and with DVI to HDMI adapter. All the same.
Also, here are some screenshots.
I hope you'll help me, cause I lost my last hope. I'd like to say that I'm a VR developer, so it's very important to have a Radeon videocard for testing.