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    Why has AMD abandoned it's Linux drivers?


      I recently had to replace a motherboard that supported an AMD cpu and two AMD video cards configured to use Crossfire in Linux and Windows.


      I had to switch to an Intel i5 because of Virualization technology that didn't work well with AMD cpus.


      I'm here in the wilderness installing OpenSuSE 42.2. I discover that the AMD driver for Radeon R9 270X royalQueen cards isn't supported in OpenSuSE. On the opensuse website the posted suggestion is that AMD has abandoned Linux driver support.


      I'll never buy another AMD product regardless how fast the cpus and how cool the video cards perform. I stopped buying Nvidia products years ago because Nvidia didn't support Linux. I'm prepared to spend the rest of my life "not" buying AMD products thanks to the experience I'm living through presently.


      You want to tie the AMD boat to the Windows dock..... so be it. I most certainly will watch developments. I won't buy a Mac pro with AMD video technology now. I suppose I'll have to start begging Intel to provide better Linux support.


      I'm a Canadian and I've actively tried to support AMD ever since it bought ATI. ATI use to be a Canadian company. So... where does AMD expect it will land after abandoning it's Linux driver support?


      If Nvidia starts kicking up it's Linux driver support I'll replace two AMD video cards with Nvidia cards.

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          For a long time, the ATI/AMD GPU driver support is very bad! It seems that AMD are very easy to drop the support of their products. Such as Radeon HD 6xxx and some 7xxx series are dropped without providing further drivers at all. So each time when I planned to purchase graphics card or laptop computers I would ask myself a same questions for many times, "What about the drivers from AMD?". AMD provide the drivers for Linux for some time, but the quality is not that expected, let not say something about its performance, but almost no video decoding acceleration at all. I would stop using Linux, if the system is based AMD GPU.


          Different from AMD, the feeling about NVidia GPU is quit complicated to me. Because even though several of my GeForce 8800GT card had already been burnt but the drivers are still updated for the latest O/S, not only Windows, but also Linux, FreeBSD and even Solaris! Only for this reason, if the price is not too high, I would choose NVidia GPU based laptop, and persuade others with some AMD GPU based ones as references.


          Oh, I almost forget that ATI was a Canadian based company, like Corel (WordPerfect Office). Yeah, I love laptops designed for Canadian, especially for their keyboard. If I have computers from Hong Kong or US, there is one key missing, making me hard to type '\'. But as to the Canadian English keyboard, I would easily to adapt it onto British English keyboard layout. I love it! I love Queen Canada!